A Deconstructed Bag

At the suggestion of friend, here is a deconstructed winter bag. This one is for a 4 year old boy: two outfits (pants, long sleeve shirt, sweater/sweatshirt), one thick jacket, one pair of pjs (new), two pairs of socks (new), two pairs of underwear (new), a hat and mittens, toothbrush kit, tear-free body wash, a blanket, a coloring book with crayons, a book, and as always, a stuffed animal to hug. We label each bag with a gender coded tag noting size and season.

We will continue to assemble and donate winter bags for the month of March. Beginning in April, we will transition to spring backpacks. We are in desperate need of backpacks to fill. If you have been thinking about donating, now would be a great time 😊. The bin is still at Scoops, or we are happy arrange pick up. Thank you!

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